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Normalisation 不應叫做縮表, 加息時代正式開始..

縮表是香港的新聞用來形容Normalization policy, “縮表” 不太洽當, Normalization= 正常化, 你地可以自行解讀.

At the March 2015 FOMC meeting, all participants agreed to augment the Committee’s Policy Normalization Principles and Plans by providing the following additional details regarding the operational approach the FOMC intended to use when it became appropriate to begin normalizing the stance of monetary policy.

FOMC Press Conference September 20, 2017

As was planned, the Committee anticipates reducing the quantity of reserve balances, over time, to a level below that seen in recent years but larger than before the financial crisis 2008.

Treasuries                                                     MBS

OCT- DEC 17 6 bil x 3mths= 18               4 bil x 3mths = 12bil

JAN- MAR 18 12 bil x 3mths = 36           8 bil x 3mths = 24 bil

APR- JUN 18 18 bil x 3mths= 54             12 bil x 3mths = 36 bil

JUL- SEP 18 24 bil x 3mths = 72             16 bil x 3mths = 48

Total for first 12 mths = 180 bil + 120 bil

Total for 2nd 12 mths = 360 bil + 240 bil

Total for 3rd 12 mths =  360 bil + 240 bil

Total for 3 years = 300bil + 600 bil + 600 bil = USD 1.5 Trillion

This means; it takes 6 years in cutting down USD 3 trillion, reducing balance sheet to USD4.5 tillion- 3 tillion= USD 1.5 trillion

美國及環球加息兼縮表退市,必影響股、樓市,然而(香港)仲有人話樓市大時代再嚟,堅離地?!呢一次,好爆!  大家小心小心, 逄七必爆!

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